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    How to make money from home.

If you’ve found a business opportunity that sounds good to be true, it probably is! There are no “get rich” quick schemes out there that work. The only people that get rich from them are the people who think them up and get you to spend your life savings on it.

How do you sort out the legitimate business opportunity from the scams?

1. Do your homework. Thanks to blogs, forums and newsgroups on nearly every topic, chances are good that the company already has a reputation, good or bad. See what others say about their experiences with the company. Others mistakes (or successes) can save you a lot of time, money and effort. Watch out for businesses that have poorly designed websites that look like they were put together in a hurry or ones that don’t have a phone number to call.

2. Check with your local Attorney General’s office. If the company or individual isn’t on the up and up, chances are very good someone has already filed a complaint against them in your state. If there are just a couple complaints, don’t be too concerned. Even the most respected organization in America has customers, employees or business partners who may have an axe to grind. Be sure to examine the reasons for the complaints as well. Did product go undelivered? Were there disputes over prices or shipping charges? Or did someone simply take the money and run.

3. Check with the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has files on thousands of businesses in America. They are usually the first ones to become aware of dubious business practices out there.

4. Order reports from Dun & Bradstreet. This is a great place to research businesses. Simply enter the business name into their database and the state and you’ll get a list of reports about the business. The cheapest report is $9.99 and covers basic information about the company. For under $140, you can get a complete report, including the company’s background and credit history. That’s a small price to pay compared to the major investment you will be making in your business.