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    How to make money from home.

Selling a Product

There are plenty of choices here. The Internet is a great place to sell products; just look at places like Ebay, Amazon and other ecommerce sites. Not only can you sell your products, but you can also participate in a number of selling strategies, such as reselling items you bought wholesale, drop shipping orders from other ecommerce sites, participating in affiliate programs or doing direct sales.

We’ll touch more on some of these strategies in detail in a moment.
Selling a Service

If a product isn’t your passion, perhaps a service business is more your style. Some online businesses cater to the needs of consumers while others offer services to other businesses. Services can be any number of things and can include web design, wedding or event planning, photography, secret shopping, virtual assistant services… the possibilities are endless. Thankfully, the Internet has created a level playing field for services. With the right idea, marketing plan and strategy, you can offer your service to virtually anyone in the world.
Selling Knowledge

Everyone knows how to do something. If you have knowledge that others need (and you may be surprised how much you really know), selling it can be a great business. Ebooks, podcasts, web content and consulting involve sharing what you know with someone else and getting paid for it. In the old days, selling knowledge was the sole domain of book authors, newspaper reporters and broadcasters. Today, nearly anyone can sell information and knowledge online with proper planning and execution.